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  • Sandvine’s portfolio of Automation use cases leverage Sandvine’s unique actionable quality of experience-centric network intelligence, contextual awareness, targeted machine learning models, and policy enforcement capabilities to deliver outcome-based solutions for network operators. 

    All of these use case outcomes are visually monitored in Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence Portal to compare the results to the desired outcome. Each use case demonstrates a significant return on investment for the customers that have deployed them in their networks, and we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to calculate your return on investment.

    For more detail on the use cases below, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you more information on how our Automation solutions can help your network.

    Use Cases

    Automated Mobile Congestion Management
    Improve mobile subscriber QoE during congestion in real-time
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    Intent-Based Congestion Management
    Dynamically manage network quality based on configured QoE goals
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    Intent-Based Peering Management
    Dynamically manage peering quality based on configured QoE goals
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    Automated Home WiFi QoE Analytics and Dispatch Prevention
    Proactively detect WiFi QoE issues
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    Automated Churn Prediction and Prevention
    Predict and prevent churn of your subscribers
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