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  • Introduction

    The PacketLogic platform offering can support a wide variety of deployments, regardless of size or access. It provides operators with the flexibility and ease of operations that reduces time-to-market, but delivers a higher return on investment.

    PacketLogic/V Platform
    PacketLogic/V enables flexible deployments of Sandvine's PacketLogic solutions using high performance COTS hardware environments and software virtual machine environments.
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    PacketLogic 15000 Platform
    This compact 4RU platform provides 600 Gbps throughput on 24 x 10 GbE or 3 x 100 GbE channels.
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    PacketLogic 9000 Platform
    120 Gbps throughput on 32GbE or 16 10GbE channels, that supports up to 3 million subscribers.
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    PacketLogic 8000 Platform
    70 Gbps throughput on 24 GbE or 12 10GbE channels handling 3 million subscribers and 400,000 connections per second.
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    PacketLogic 1000 Series Platform
    The PL1000s are high-end platforms offering carrier-grade reliability and availability.
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    Sandvine Bypass Switch
    The Sandvine Bypass Switch is an active external bypass solution that enables flexible deployments of the entire family of PacketLogic Platforms.
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