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  • Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence (ANI) Portal enables network operators to visualize the data that powers Sandvine's entire use case portfolio. Each use case is visualized with the key outcomes presented clearly to enable the network operator to determine the value and ROI delivered by Sandvine's deployed solutions.

    The ANI portal delivers contextual insights for each use case, including unique quality of experience (QoE) metrics at the network and individual subscriber level. These insights are mapped to the workflow of the network owner of the specific use case, ensuring that the actionability of the data is maximized. With the intelligence presented by the ANI Portal, the network operator can make informed decisions and take action based on accurate data.

    Sandvine’s Automation use cases leverage the ANI Portal to visualize network conditions that drive automation and to validate the outcome of the machine-learning based actions. As operators embrace automation, it will be absolutely crucial to provide visibility into the results of the decisions resulting from automation and the results of the machine learning models.

    Active Network Intelligence Components