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  • 2019 Global Report

    In 2019, streaming video continues to dominate internet consumption, but the content sources for this video are fragmenting from the convenience of Netflix as the aggregator to many brands with unique original offerings. This has a big effect on overall internet traffic patterns, as it has also resulted in an increase in file sharing as users seek to avoid spending more money on subscriptions.

    Report Highlights

    2019 Highlight Graphic

    2019 Mobile Internet Report

    The 2019 Mobile Internet Phenomena Report from Sandvine is here! Mobile networks have different traffic composition than the what we saw in the 2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report, and this version of the report shows clear differences between a report dominated by fixed traffic volume versus a mobile-only view of internet consumption.

    2018 Global Internet Report

    This edition of the Global Internet Phenomena Report covers both global macro and regional micro views of the composition of traffic on the internet. The data in the report is drawn from Sandvine’s installed base of over 150 Tier 1 and Tier 2 fixed and mobile operators worldwide. View our findings for 2018 by downloading the report and watching the related webinar.