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  • Optimize your Satellite Network

    Satellite internet providers deliver a vital communications service to a growing worldwide market. Sandvine's solutions enhance household and business broadband in rural or remote areas within specific industries including: airlines, maritime operators (e.g., cruise ships, offshore oil and gas operators, fisheries, shipping ports), industrial sensing, remote sensing, and more. Satellite operators can optimize their network bandwidth and provide the best possible experience for their subscribers.


    Performance and Operational Monitoring
    Carefully monitor network performance and quality indicators to troubleshoot problems in real-time
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    Service and Subscriber Analysis
    Understand the delivered quality of experience of individual subscribers or subscriber groups
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    Real-Time Subscriber Insights
    Understand subscriber experience on your network
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    Performance Analysis
    Understand your network’s ability to deliver services to subscribers
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    Capacity Planning Analysis
    Data-driven network planning focused on customer experience
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    User Behavior and Demographic Analysis
    Performance management of critical services, network users, and applications
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    Network Optimization

    Fair Share and Congestion Management
    Manage congestion with precision and protect quality of experience
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    Video Streaming Management
    Manage video bandwidth resolutions and deliver high quality experiences
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    Heavy User Management
    Significantly improve the customer experience your network delivers
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    Wholesale and Peering Link Management
    Control internet peering quality of experience and cost
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    TCP Optimization
    Get more from your TCP network
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    Traffic Steering/Diversion
    Intelligently redirect traffic and better allocate network resources
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    Carrier Grade NAT
    Mitigate IPv4 address exhaustion while maintaining network visibility
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    Cyber Threat Management
    Protect the network and user quality of experience from cyber threats
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    Revenue Generation

    Usage-Based Services
    Increase revenue by launching innovative service plans based on perceived value and user behavior
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    Zero-Rating and Application-Based Plans
    Create value, increase revenue, and enhance customer loyalty by offering plans with in-demand applications
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    Advanced Roaming Services
    Provide affordable, unique, and enticing options for traveling data users
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    Sponsored Data Services
    Unlock new revenue streams and create value with third-party sponsored opportunities
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    Parental Control
    Give peace of mind with multi-access content and application management for protection of minors
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    IMS and VoLTE Services
    Deliver superior and reliable Voice over LTE services
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    Revenue Assurance

    Video and Television Fraud Management
    Discover, monitor, and take action on video and television piracy on your network
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    Data Fraud Management
    Get paid fairly by detecting and mitigating a range of zero-rating fraud techniques
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    Data Revenue Leakage Monitoring
    Identify misconfigurations and oversights that cause revenue loss
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    Interconnect Bypass Fraud Management
    Protect your network from fraudulent calling services
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    Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Data Retention
    Logging and insights for national infrastructure
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    Regulatory Quality Monitoring
    Broadband performance metrics for all network operator types
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    Regulatory Traffic Management
    Safety and security compliance for national networks
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    Regulatory VoIP Management
    Manage illegal or unlicensed VoIP
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