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  • About Active Network Intelligence

    Sandvine’s value proposition is based on the unique network intelligence and visibility we have within an operator’s network. Our Active Network Intelligence strategy turns that intelligence into closed-loop automation use cases that solve specific problems and deliver a high return on investment for operators.

    As shown here, closed-loop automation combines visibility, identification, behavior, and actions on a per use case basis.

    Sandvine’s portfolio of Automation use cases leverage Sandvine’s unique actionable quality of experience-centric network intelligence, contextual awareness, targeted machine learning models, and policy enforcement capabilities to deliver outcome-based solutions for network operators. All of these use case outcomes are visually monitored in Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence Portal, and demonstrate significant return on investment for the customers that have deployed these automation-based solutions.

    Our machine learning models dissect our network intelligence by identifying patterns, extracting trends, and detecting anomalies in real-time or historically (depending on the use case). These models have been tested in customer networks, and learns your network when installed, which optimize our actions and results.

    For more information on our Automation use cases, click here.